Chomp is the brainchild of owner/operator Kirsten Ohlendorf and burrito genius Mark(ito) Abrahamsen.

Kirsten saw an opportunity to add flair (and sarcasm) to an otherwise traditional and sparse burrito environment here in the 206. As much as she’s obsessed with classic Mexican burritos, she aims to show that Chomp can bring more to the party. Kirsten resides in Wallingford with all the finer things in life: fresh bottles of Sriracha, her husky Lu, and her girlfriend Sally.

Markito got his chops from slangin’ fine eats at Seattle restaurants Tilth, Canon, and other places he knew before they were cool. He’s a maestro of taking unconventional ingredients and making them accessible to everyone. Who says a burrito can’t have confit peppers and tea-pickled fingerlings? Markito resides in the University District with his water bottle, Carlos.

We just want to be your go-to burrito spot. Is that too much to ask?!